Inspiring Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas for Every Design Style

Inspiring Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas for Every Design Style

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Year after year, you almost certainly follow an equivalent Christmas decorating routine. You dig your decorations out of boxes within the garage or attic and toss any items which may have broken or ran their course. Then you proceed to embellish your Christmas tree with lights and therefore the unique ornaments you’ve collected over the years. But there’s far more to outfitting your front room for Christmas than simply decorating the tree. you’ll consider your bookshelves, cocktail table , the couch, then many other spots to form your front room holiday-ready.

Like the kitchen, the front room is that the heart of the house , especially during the vacation season. It’s where you gather with loved ones, enjoy time by the hearth , and keep warm during cold winter nights. So this year, make your front room even more inviting with decor that embraces the spirit of the vacations . These creative Christmas front room decor ideas are all the inspiration you would like to celebrate the vacations a la mode .

For starters, the front room is that the hottest spot within the house for the Christmas tree, with its twinkling Christmas lights, the tinsel, the topper, your vast collection of Christmas ornaments, and every one those carefully wrapped presents nestled beneath it, of course! But the tree alone doesn’t make a totally festive front room . the vacation mantel holds plenty of holiday decorating magic potential. It’s got the stockings, fancy Christmas garlands, collectibles, a roaring fire, and hello?!—it’s Santa’s Christmas Eve entryway! Festive accessories like throw pillows, blankets, and other Christmas-y touches increase your overall decorating theme. usher in vintage Christmas decorations that recall Christmases past for a one-of-a-kind layer of holiday charm.

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