Ideas for How to Hang And Style Your Stockings

Ideas for How to Hang And Style Your Stockings

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When we first removed of Manhattan for suburban life, one among the items i used to be most excited about was decorating our house for Christmas. I’d dreamed about it for years. Wreaths on the windows, lights outside on the trees, and a tree that was taller than i used to be . Finally we had an area that had enough room to let my imagination run wild for the vacation decor.

We found our dream home, but one thing that was lacking was a hearth . My vision of these cold winter nights with the hearth going and therefore the stockings hanging on the mantle weren’t getting to happen. While it took me a short time to urge over it, I found there have been other ways to enjoy our stockings. No mantle? No problem!

The point is – simply because we didn’t have a hearth , it doesn’t mean we didn’t do Christmas stocking s a bit like everyone else! We just got creative with how we hung them and our Christmas stocking holder.

There’s no denying the impact that a festive stocking holder can wear a mantel, door, or maybe a staircase. Stocking holders are a trendy thanks to cause the vacation cheer and add the final touch to your setup.

On the search for the right statement design to accompany your white lights and artistic tinsel decorations? Consider this roundup of 20 Christmas stocking holders available immediately . These eye-catching designs will make your mantel a focus for the vacation season.

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